Whats Your Face Shape? Choose the correct eyewear or sunglasses.

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Its the 2nd Day of new year 2018 & we have been receiving tons of emails & enquiries about your face shape and which eyewear is suitable for you. ( Hehe, we are aware we have almost 70 styles to choose from and it could be a tough decision!)

Here we are to talk about which design to match which type of face and even skin tones & colors!

upon request, we will try to add Suitable face shape to every product page! Oh, not to forget! We are having a New year specials 30% off storewide sales! With CODE ’30NOWAMORA’


Okay, lets go straight to the point: There are definitely many many times of face shapes but we will categorise 5 main types of Face Shape:

  1. OVAL
  2. ROUND
  3. HEART


1.OVAL ( Well balanced face shape, wider on top and then a nice narrow jaw & narrow forehead.) If you have this face shape, consider yourself lucky because any styles of eyewear can match with this type of face shape, but we would recommend square, rectangle & a lil’ oversized will look good.


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